About Maree

Hi! I write Victorian romances that reflect Britain in the mid-1800s in all its wonderful diversity.

Like many romance fans, I started reading romance when I discovered Georgette Heyer in my early teens.  I have loved the genre ever since.

My only disappointment was that few protagonists were like me and the people around me: older people, queer people, people of colour and people with disabilities – everyone outside the young, pretty, abled, white couples in most romances. Then I discovered amazing own voices writers like Courtney Milan, Cat Sebastian, and KJ Charles and fell in love with romance all over again!

Realizing that there was a market for diversity in romance, and having stories bubbling away in my head, I decided to take the plunge and start writing my Dauntless Deveraux series, which features an aristocratic Victorian family finding love in all the wrong places (or at least that is what society wants them to think). 

The series lets me marry my wish for diverse romantic characters with an avid interest in historical research. I love finding the stories of queer, non-white or marginalised people in history, to show that they have always survived and thrived through the ages. When I’m not writing from my own demographics and experiences, I research carefully plus have readers and advisers from my characters’ backgrounds to help me write protagonists realistically and accurately.

I live in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, with 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 of my 3 adult kids.  I have a day job as an academic, where I write serious papers under my real name (or is that my secret identity?).  I am agnostic about Oxford commas, even though the Grammarly app keeps suggesting I needs them.  I enjoys gardening, painting (badly!) and cooking vegan goodies.

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