Dragon Dowager

Finally, a fearsome dowager gets a love story of her own.

She is known as the Dragon Dowager.

Edie Deveraux uses her social power to protect her family. She is ruthless if anyone threatens them. When her son Danny falls in love, she scrutinises his new paramour, Berta, a woman born as a man. She must decide whether to accept the young lovers or remove Berta from her son’s life.

As she investigates Berta’s family connections, Edie meets Berta’s uncle, the delectable scholar, Stephen Prior. With his enticing body and gentle wit, he rocks her assumptions that a widow nearing fifty is too old for love.

Can he trust the indomitable dowager?

Stephen wants to protect his nephew from the Dragon Dowager, but will the intriguing widow capture his heart instead? He has no idea about Berta’s secret life or love for men. He mistrusts Edie’s sudden wish to know his family. Stephen fears the powerful Deveraux family will use his nephew and then cast him from society.

Stephen discovers the Dowager Viscountess has hidden depths and finds himself falling for her. Will their growing attraction survive distrust, unmasked secrets and threats to Danny and Berta?

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